Graves Show Cattle is a family owned business run by father and son.
Our goal is to operate our cattle business based on moral values and good solid ethics.
We started our herd back in 1995 with an emphasis on producing the highest quality
show cattle through A.I. , embryo transfer, and selection of top quality females
along with using top herd sires.

Broker x Heat Wave granddaughter
October steer

Front cover photo February 2014 the Register cattle
publication photo taken by Jason Graves

Photography and Video footage By Jason Graves

Kryptonite owned by Kirtly Family Farms

Bombero - FOR SALE
Draftpick granddaughter
Draftpick granddaughter
AMAA # 345186
"Embryos For Sale by Yellow Jacket"

Front cover photo Maine Anjou voice, May/June/July 2006 & National Livestock
Exhibitor 2007 Fall Preview Issue.

Foggy Morning Sunrise
Successfully shown by Garrett Graves,
Many Siblings sell on Sept 6th